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        What's New in Open Shelf

        What’s new in Open Shelf: July 2021

        We envisioned this year’s July issue to be an inaugural attempt at creating a contributor-driven “unconference issue.” And while this month’s issue is a compact one, I think its contents speak to the spirit of an unconference—user-driven conversations and knowledge-sharing that span a wide range of topics, media and scope, engaged with at our own pace.

        Features and Columns

        Asian nadian identity: A reading list

        I have the great privilege of being old, and as a Chinese nadian librarian, I have assembled this reading list of sources that have helped me grapple with questions of my own identity as an Asian nadian. I hope this reading list helps the next generation with their struggles to be seen.

        Semi-colons, hexadecimal and a reer in librarianship: Reminiscing about coding

        By Dave Hook I don’t shy away from opportunities to geek out. Yes, I’ll happily discuss defunct search engines (say what you want about Alta Vista, but HotBot was way better!) or discuss old applitions that disappeared far too soon…

        Harvey Olnick Rare Book Room

        The Harvey Olnick Rare Book Room at the University of Toronto Music Library contains over 2,600 volumes that exemplify the history of music, music editing, performing and printing—from liturgil manuscripts and early printed treatises to first editions of Mozart, Haydn, Beethoven and Gershwin. Its namesake, Harvey Olnick was formative to its collection’s development.

        793.73: A day at the beach

        This month, 793.73 “returns to its roots” with a beach-themed cryptic crossword. These crossword puzzles challenge you with obscure clues that are puzzles in and of themselves! If you need a refresher on the way cryptic crosswords work, check the guide we’ve linked below.

        Word of the month/Mots du mois: advance reader copy

        We will be featuring a “Word (Or Phrase) Of The Month” each issue, courtesy of Library Lexique. This is a tool to feature useful and thematic words or phrases which may arise in day-to-day library work. This month’s is “subject heading.”

        Volunteer opportunity: Open Shelf editor-in-chief

        The Ontario Library Association is seeking an interim editor-in-chief for Open Shelf. This position is responsible for stewarding the vision of the magazine, coordinating the efforts of the editorial team and overseeing the smooth operation and timely publition of the magazine.

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